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Our four cornerstones of learning.


Start with a memorable first-hand experience
Begin observations, research and setting questions
Fully engage with the new topic


Improve knowledge and understanding
Develop and practise new skills
Explore, make and do


Apply skills and knowledge in real-life contexts
Solve real or imagined problems through learning
Gain inspiration from creative activities


Become performers, experts and informers
Link learning back to starting points
Share and celebrate achievements

As changes take place in Wales, our curriculum helps schools meet national requirements now… and in the future.

All schools and settings must begin to adopt and embed the Four Purposes outlined in the government document, ‘A curriculum for Wales – a curriculum for life’. Cornerstones Curriculum Wales makes it easy. Download ‘Embedding the Four Purposes’, a coverage document that shows how our four-step philosophy and other products naturally cover all aspects of the Welsh curriculum’s Four Purposes.

Our broad, balanced and challenging curriculum features 88 themed projects packed with 1000s of exciting teaching activities and ideas. All schools have online access to electronic versions as well as planning documents via The Hub, our online portal. It makes it easy for you to shape your curriculum to meet the needs of your school. You have the freedom to choose projects, lessons and skills that will engage children and teachers. It also helps you find the right balance between local needs and the national requirements of the Welsh curriculum.

‘A curriculum for Wales – a curriculum for life’ highlights how important it is for rich experiences to be integral to a school’s curriculum. Our curriculum already offers schools a wide range of memorable experiences. They are designed to ignite children’s interests and provide a starting point for developing the ‘four purposes’ and building deep learning. We’re currently creating editable grids that list our curriculum’s memorable experiences as part of our Pupil Offer for Years 1–6. You can download the Y1 and Y5 grids now.

Every project features a weekly literacy plan that is mapped to the revised Language, Literacy and Communication Skills for Foundation Phase and the English and Welsh programme of study for Key Stage 2. Literacy is integral to all subjects across our curriculum, which means schools are able to easily meet cross-curricular responsibilities.

Our curriculum is comprehensively up-to-date with the most recent changes from the Welsh Government. Plus, using our online coverage checker, you can see your school’s entire curriculum coverage at the press of a button. It’s great for school and subject leaders, and for schools who need to provide evidence for Estyn.

Our curriculum includes 16 bespoke projects that tell the story of Wales and some of its most amazing people. Checked and verified by leading subject specialists, they build on the ‘The Cwricwlwm Cymreig, history and the story of Wales’ report to enable schools to reflect upon the culture, environment, economy and history of Wales, including the influences which have shaped the country today.

Cornerstones Curriculum Wales comes with access to The Hub, our online portal for Cornerstones schools. It includes electronic copies of all projects, which means that we can adapt planning and coverage to keep your school curriculum up to date with any and all changes from the Welsh Government. We will update all projects with new programmes of study in 2018.