Together we can do it!

Abercerdin School Council


What is our school council for?

The school council is about:

Learning to work together,

Learning to give everyone a voice,

                      Learning how to play a positive role in our community.




  • The school council’s job is to involve everyone, not do everything. It needs to get everyone:

Finding things they want to change,

Coming up with ways to make them better, 

Putting those ideas in to action,

Seeing what works (evaluating).

How does our class council work?

  • Our Class Councils hold a meeting every six weeks. The whole school Council then meets and information and ideas from classes can be discussed.


  • We decide what we’re going to talk about two weeks before the meeting.


  • A different school councillor runs the meeting each time.


  • We chose one councillor to be the secretary during meetings, to takes notes each time. These minutes (notes from the meeting) will be posted onto the School Council Board in the yard.


Great websites for School Council information.

CBBC School Website Page

School Council Information




The jobs within our School Council:


· Runs the meetings and leads discussions,

·Helps to prepare the Agenda,

·Talks to teachers and Governors about what the School Council thinks and its ideas,

·Makes sure all the Council members are involved.


Vice Chairperson-
·Keeps in touch with class representatives,

·Makes sure that everyone who agrees to do something actually does it,

· Leads the meeting if the Chairperson is away.


· Takes notes or Minutes of the meetings,

·Helps to prepare the Agenda,

·Makes sure that everyone knows when the  meetings are,

·Keeps all notes safely in the minute book.


· Looks after the School Council’s money,

· Writes a report on how much money has been   spent, what it has been spent on and how         much is left.


The Communications Officer-
· Makes sure that teachers, parents,      Governors  and the community know what the  School  Council is doing,

· Keeps the School Council Web Page up to  date,

· Uploads the Minutes and Agenda onto the      Web Page.

What will the school council do for our class?

  • When you give your class representative an idea, she or he will:

o   Note it down,

o   Take it to the next school council meeting,

o   Tell you what is happening to your idea within 6 weeks,

  • The school council will try to make your idea happen by getting:

o   Permission,

o   Support,

o   Money,

o   Time,

  • If they can’t they will tell you why not.
  • If they can, they will want your class to help make your idea happen.


What will staff do for the school council?

  • Make sure meetings happen when they are supposed to.
  • Support pupils to run meetings.
  • The Headteacher will answer all the school council’s questions by the next meeting
  • If the Headteacher has to say ‘no’ to anything, she will explain why.