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Spelling Award

Gain your spelling tie pin badge! Select the correct spelling levels link below. Each week ask your Mum or Dad to select ten spellings from your list. Test yourself every week and do so until you have learnt the entire list. When you are confident that you know your spellings ask your teacher to test you. If you get a sample of words 100% correct you gain your first spelling badge. You can then carry on and learn the next list and gain another badge! 


Spelling lists

Year 2 Spelling

Year 3 Spelling

Year 3 Spelling

Year 4 Spelling

Year 5 Spelling

Year 5 Spelling

Year 6 Spelling

Year 6 Spelling

 Spelling Presentation for Parents


How to learn and remember your spellings!

Good spelling is a fundamental part of a child's literacy development.

Spelling Tests
Children learn spellings for a spelling test each week. Accept that there will be mistakes in tests, and just look for consistency and improvement. After all, two out of 10 is twice as good as one out of 10!

Identifying their own mis-spelt words
We encourage our student to identify mis-spelt words in their own writing, keep individual lists (e.g. spelling logs) and learn to spell them. The children are tested on their mis-spelt words each week.

How to learn weekly spellings
We suggest Children learn their spellings using the 'Look, Cover, Write, Check' Method. This encourages your child to 'see' and 'hear' the word, and to see for himself if he spelt it right.

  • Look at a spelling word.
  • Cover the spelling word.
  • Visualize the covered word in the mind.
  • Write the word from memory.
  • Check what has been written with the uncovered word.

During their Literacy lessons, children are given the opportunity to look for patterns in the spelling of words and to invent rules and saying to help them improve their work. My favourite spelling  rhyme that I still use to help me on a daily basis is: 'i before the e except before the c'. What's yours?