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Mr Bill Davies



Autumn term 2013.


The headteacher has suggested that it might be useful to provide you with information on a termly basis of what the governing body has been involved with. It would therefore be my intention to keep you informed each term following our meetings.


How often do we meet?

The governing body meets once a term and governors undertake the detailed work by sitting on one or all of the committees. There are three committees, which also meet once a term, namely, Staffing, Finance and Buildings/Health & Safety. There is also a panel of governors who meet with the headteacher each term to monitor standards achieved by pupils.


What is our role?

Our role is to have a strategic overview of the running of the school. The governing body will be involved in:

·         setting aims and objectives for the school;

·         adopting policies for achieving those aims and objectives;

·         setting targets for achieving the aims and objectives;

·         reviewing progress towards achieving the aims and objectives.

There is a considerable amount of detailed work involved in undertaking this role but the governors are enthusiastic in supporting the school to ensure the children have a happy and secure environment in which to undertake their learning.


Profile of Chair and Vice Chair.

I have been the Chair of the governing body for a number of years. I spent my working career from 1964 until I retired in 2006 in the local education authority providing a range of support services to schools. The Vice Chair, Megan Waite, had a successful career as a teacher and headteacher prior to her retirement.


What has happened this term?

This term, as always, has been a busy time for the school. You will have received a copy of the governors’ report earlier this term and there was a great deal of information provided at that time. Some of the highlights for me have been:

Read Write Inc – Governors were delighted to learn that the school has been awarded model school status, the first school to achieve this in Bridged Council. Furthermore, the school has achieved this in an unprecedented time of two and a half terms. Congratulations to staff for their hard work on this project. There are already indications that this scheme is improving the children’s reading standards.

Children’s play area – You may have already seen that work on installing playground equipment is well underway. When work is complete the school gates will be left open until 5.30pm Monday to Friday to allow for community use. A big thank you to the headteacher and chair of the PTA for raising the funds for this project. This equipment will be invaluable in providing the children with an exciting outdoor learning resource.

Governors training and development – A number of governors spent two days with staff on a course called “Maths Makes Sense”. I’m sure that this method of teaching maths will help raise the standards of maths throughout the school. Two new parent governors met recently with the headteacher, the mentoring governor and me as part of their induction programme. I look forward to working with them at our future meetings.

Pupil absence – The attendance of children in school has traditionally been quite low with the school often struggling to reach 90% attendance levels. This term there has been a significant improvement in the children’s attendance. Much of the credit for this must go to the hard work of our Family Liaison Officer. I would also like to thank all you parents for cooperating with school staff to ensure that your children attend school on a regular basis. Improved attendance will lead to improved standards in you children’s education.


Final Comments.

Each year seems to rush by and we find ourselves again moving swiftly towards Christmas. May I take this opportunity of wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. I look forward to the challenges that will face us in school during the new year. The next newsletter will be issued in the spring term, sometime after our series of meetings.


With best wishes,


Bill Davies


Chair of the governing Body