Together we can do it!

Upbeat Music and Art - iPad Orchestra


Upbeat Music and Art tutor worked with Mr Francis' Year Three/Four pupils in order to create songs with harmonies upon their iPads today (02/05/14). They linked their pieces together and played a tune as an orchestra. Have a listen to our fantastic work!


Here you can see the pupils warming up. Dave split the class into three groups and each group had a different rhythm to clap, tap or pat out. This was our first attempt!

We are getting better. Mr Francis is joining in and helping us.

Here we are reading music from the interactive whiteboard. We play the notes on the iPad's piano.

Then we learnt how to improvise using a guitar on the iPad - great fun. We also created our own songs using a computer sound program that records different sounds in loops. Check Mr Francis' page for these fantastic creations.